Really… LDR?

Well, yes, I’m in a long distance relationship, but my initials are LDR, too.

My name is Lae del Rosario.

An anti-social pessimist (© Alessia Cara’s Here) who’s trying to get out of her comfort zone.

Well, okay. It’s kinda 2017 new year’s resolution.

A frustrated writer who’s trying to cross off her garage of frustrations one by one through this mini outlet.

Right lobe of the brain is a frustrated writer and a fashion enthusiast — I can’t say model and photographer because I’m still in the midst of battling insecurities. I also travel once in a while, and I’d like to have a repository of those memories and eventually be of help to fellow millennials Googling where next to go.

And while she battles the stereotype of having a professional title, she wants to document her learning from almost always having the unpopular choice.

I’m a CPA from the Philippines who opted to work in an investment bank. When I don’t feel like doing my 7-4 job, I lurk around the world of MS Excel VBA codes and drown myself with the curiosity of what else can macros do to enhance processes at work. Totally not in the job description but serendipity with these codes has led me to accept that I can do something else apart from trotting through my title. While I explore this crazy spreadsheet fuzz, I’d like to create a portfolio of my projects through this website.